Referring a Case

Butterwick Animal Rehab Clinic provides animal rehabilitation as an adjunct to high quality veterinary care. Rehabilitation at our clinic is ONLY ever performed after veterinary consent has been granted. We believe this collaborative relationship is essential to attain high quality, safe and efficacious outcomes.

Veterinary Surgeons: we know you are busy people so we have made the referral procedure as simple as possible, please choose one of the following three options:

  1. Complete our vet consent form and fax/email it to us
  2. Email us a copy of the referral letter you would send to a Ortho/Neuro Vet Hospital
  3. Email us the case history, your goals and the owners details and request Rehabilitation, we will take it from there.

BARC will, as always, give you feedback on your patient and refer them back to you should we have any additional concerns.


if you would like us to treat your pet please contact us directly or send us the consent form and we will take care of all the necessary paperwork. You can, of course call us at any time within our opening hours for a more personal service.