Training at BARC

We at BARC feel that it's essential that all therapists who are practising any form of rehabilitation on animals are educated in the correct way to ensure a positive outcome for their patients, but does education stem solely from the qualifications we see on paper?

In our industry, like many others, the correct techniques need to be honed from practice and integrated with the things we learn on courses whilst under the watchful eye of a mentor.

We feel that we can offer this by way of our practical training sessions. If you’re just embarking into this field or if you are looking to improve your CPD goals, our training days will not only allow you to get close up on how a well-established clinic runs but also get your hands on patients while being supported and nurtured so you leave us feeling confident to move techniques forward.

Hydrotherapist CPD Packages

This is designed to compliment your existing learning and is aimed at level 3 candidates and those who are in need of CPD and practical experience.

Shadow Physiotherapy Days

For further information or to discuss your needs with us just drop us an email or telephone us on 07741651000 and we can tailor things to suit your needs, timescales and work schedule.