About Us

Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn to when your dog isn't feeling well. That's why we created Butterwick Animal Rehabilitation Clinic (BARC) -  the one and only clinic you'll ever need for your dog’s rehab. We are a full-service clinic (canine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy) and so your pet can obtain everything from post-operative rehab, return to function or fitness, canine sports cross training, Geriatric or ongoing maintenance or fun swims.  All this in one place, without having to drive all over the Teesside or Co Durham to meet all of your pet's needs. Trust us!  You'll be glad you did.

Our therapists have successfully worked with numerous types of injuries. We will work alongside your Vet to ensure your dog gets the very best care and individual attention they deserve to restore them to peak performance.

Our clinic provides Canine Rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and fitness programs (for agility, trials, Flyball or any competition athletes) as an adjunct to high quality veterinary care. Therefore, a rehabilitation evaluation, suggested exercise program, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy are only provided when working in conjunction with a referring veterinarian. We believe this collaborative relationship is essential to attain high quality, safe and effective results.

BARC (formerly Butterwick K9 Hydrotherapy) is the longest running and most qualified canine Hydrotherapy clinic in the north east of England (something we are a little proud of). We achieved this by providing a good honest service which gets results and have treated well over a thousand dogs since we started. The clinic invests heavily in both equipment and education for our therapists because we are passionate about making a difference. We are proud members of IRVAP .